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Industry Facilitated Curriculum Program(IFCP)

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in higher education institutions to outsource course curriculum to industry trainers in order to better align academic programs with the demands of the industry and emerging trends. This approach, known as the Industry Facilitated Curriculum Program (IFCP), aims to promote a more practical-based learning experience that integrates theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. The IFCP model also allows students to complete their syllabus for their chosen degree by providing them with access to industry expertise and resources. Elective subjects are incorporated into IFCP, this provides students with options for elective subjects to tailor their learning experience to their specific interests and career goals.
Responsibilities of the Faculty of SSM Infotech Engaged in IFCP
• Completion of Syllabus as per Curriculum
• Practical-Based Assignments:
• Assisting educational institutes to design question and answers along with assessment

Student assessment responsibility remains with the educational institutes.

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